The Leicestershire and Rutland County Archery Association (L&RCAA) was formed in May 1950 and is run by volunteers from different archery clubs within the county. The County committee meets once a month (except December) at the Kirby Muxloe Sports Club.

If you are a club within Leicestershire and Rutland, you are entitled to appoint a representative to come along to the meetings and report back to your club.

We extend a very warm welcome to any archer within the county and we are anxious to dispel any fears you may have about coming to the meetings. It is a good opportunity to meet socially with your fellow archers and to hear how county business is conducted.


National Tour Finals

Congratulations to Bowmen of Rutland's James Mason on becoming the National Tour Champion for Gents Compound beating Matthew Wong in the quarter finals, Chris White in the semi finals and then Neil Bridgewater in the final on Saturday 15th September at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

The Foxes' Ruth Welsh shot at the recurve finals on Sunday 16th, unfortunately despite putting up a good fight in windy conditions she was unable to get past the top seed Bryony Pitman. Well done to both L&RCAA archers for making it to the final, and especially to James for coming home with the gold.

Combined Affiliation Fees for L&RCAA and EMAS

The combined affiliation fees for L&RCAA and EMAS for 2018/19 are as follows:

Seniors - £10, Juniors/Senior U25s/Disabled - £3.75, University Club - £50

Fees should be sent to the L&RCAA Secretary, Alan Tonge. The county will then forward the correct amount to the region. For BACS payment details or any other queries please contact Alan, secretary@lrcaa.org.

Stolen Archery Equipment

A member of The Foxes Archery Club in Leicestershire had their kit stolen last night, while they were training. It would be a big help if you could warn archers in your area, and also ask them to look out for it on the second hand market.  If anyone sees or hears anything, please will they get in touch with me or the Club? Many, many thanks.


W&W Wiawis Nano Max 25" Riser - Black/Orange - RH - grip modified with black Sugru

Medium 68” Border Hex 6.6-H limbs 40lbs @ 29”matt clear finish

Shibuya Ultima Carbon Recurve Sight + Beiter 12mm Sight Tunnel

Shibuya Magnetic Rest Ultima – Black

Beiter Button – Black

Mybo Aeris Long Rod - 33" – Black


2x Mybo Aeris Short Rod - 15" – Black

Mybo Universal Extender - 4" – Black

Mybo Fixed 40 V-Bar – Black

Mybo Crescent Clicker

Orange string

Black Sony Tripod

Unbranded 20x60 spotting scope


Yours sincerely

Anne Smith

Tournament Officer and County Representative

The Foxes Archery Club

Mob: 07981 152231

Email: annesmith@hrexpertiseltd.co.uk

Merlin Archery - Job Vacencies 

Merlin Archery in Loughborough are looking to recruit staff to join their customer service team, full and part times roles available. Please see their website for more information.

County Team Rankings

The rankings from the County Selection Shoots are now available on the Selection Criteria page.

Coaching and Development

Hello All,

As you may be aware, I have taken over the role of Coaching & Development for the County from
There are several events I am in the process of planning to improve the quality of coaching within
the County. For this to work I need to be able to communicate with coaches within your clubs. A few
coaches have already contacted me with their email addresses, I kindly request you can chase the
coaches within your clubs who haven’t yet sent me an email with their contact details to do so. My
email address is yakoob_ali@hotmail.com. I have planned a coach development workshop to run in
April which I would like to make coaches aware of.
At the last committee meeting we discussed the possibility of setting up a ‘coaching circuit’. The idea
behind this being several volunteer coaches will visit clubs around the County to observe and assist
club archers where possible. The benefit of this for clubs is so as they can be made aware of the
coaches available to them in the county and for coaches to observe archers outside of their own
Initially we have decided to trial this at three clubs within the County. If you feel this will benefit
your club and would like to take part then please can you send me an email expressing your interest
before the next committee meeting.

Kind Regards,

Yakoob Ali

University Alumni

University alumni are no longer able to affiliate with AGB through their university even though they may still be members of the university club. They therefore have to affiliate either directly (which can be problematical) or through another club. With the agreement of this club they can still shoot for the university in local competitions but at county, regional and national level they must shoot for the club through which they are affiliated. This explains why you may have seen university alumni shooting for two different clubs at competitions in the county.