County Records

All claims should be submitted to the County Records Officer using the County Records Claim Form (available as a pdf or word document), accompanied by official results sheet and/or signed & witnessed score sheet, within 6 weeks from the date of the shoot and will be ratified 6 weeks after the date of the shoot. During this period the master records grid will be updated on the County website with the new score & will be highlighted as Claim Pending.

Claims should be submitted by email to the County Records Officer, Carol Smith (

The Records Officer will acknowledge receipt of the claim and once the 6 week period from the date of the shoot has elapsed a further email will be sent confirming the status of the claim and the website will be updated accordingly.

Rounds marked as 'R/S' must be shot at a record status event.

For rounds marked as '2/C' the shoot must be run to AGB rules of shooting. It must be a properly organised shoot between at least two clubs (although there is no fixed number of archers). The shoot must be recorded in both (all) clubs' minutes. Official results are required to enable the claim to be processed.  Records can also be claimed from competitions run as 'Open' shoots involving two or more clubs.

To claim a record please see the County Records Guidelines document.

County Records are available as an Overview listing all records, or below in more detail.


Gents Recurve
Gents Compound
Gents Longbow
Gents Barebow
Gents Flatbow


Ladies Recurve
Ladies Compound
Ladies Longbow
Ladies Barebow
Ladies Flatbow

Juniors Gents

Junior Gents U12 Recurve
Junior Gents U14 Recurve
Junior Gents U16 Recurve
Junior Gents U18 Recurve
Junior Gents Compound
Junior Gents Longbow
Junior Gents U12 Barebow
Junior Gents U14 Barebow
Junior Gents U16 Barebow
Junior Gents U18 Barebow

Junior Ladies

Junior Ladies U12 Recurve
Junior Ladies U14 Recurve
Junior Ladies U16 Recurve
Junior Ladies U18 Recurve
Junior Ladies Compound
Junior Ladies Longbow
Junior Ladies U12 Barebow
Junior Ladies U14 Barebow
Junior Ladies U16 Barebow
Junior Ladies U18 Barebow


All Field Records

VI Records

All VI Records

EMAS and National Records

EMAS Records

National Records